Conflict of Interests

I am Jijun Tang, a faculty member in computer science. You can google me (I am in the first position of google result). However, I do not expect you to go to my home page for the following reasons. 
1. My home page contains links to two sites I maintained. One is a train simulator fan site, which I own and maintain since 2002. The other site is my plan to create information about my research area in general. Both sites have google adsense on it.
2. If you must access my home page and must access these two sites, please be aware that cookies may be dropped to your computer by google. Your click on the google ads will benefit me and I sincerely do not want you to do so and I do not want to benefit from publishing this site.

This site is safe without any
cookies or backdoors or links to other sites. I do expect to receive emails about this site (google for it), but by sending me email, you agree that emails come to my mailbox become my property. I am not responsible to any damage to any person or organization due to the contents of this site.

I do encourage people to stop using anonymous ranking, if you think I am wrong, please express it by sending me email with your real email address. It is each individual's own choice to attend these multi-conferences and I do not have any hard feeling about it, although me myself do not want to try them (again, my feeling).

I do not associate with any conference ranking site. I do serve in conference committees.