Proven facts of

I got a letter from a lawyer asking me to take down my pages and will sue me if I do not. I have spoken with a lawyer who told me such a suit is unlikely to succeed. But to avoid some unnecessary troubles, I will revise the content and post them shortly after (in July 2009).

However, it will not change a thing that is a fake site. None of its ranking should be trusted and used.

For example, they published impact scores of each conference using weights about 20% "student support", 40% citation (reasonable), 20% review quality (do not know how to do it yet), 10% indexing and 10% of journal publishing possibility. They changed the weight in 2009, and now it is 25% "student support", 30% citation, 30% review quality, 5% indexing and 10% of journal possibility. The score is between 0 to 1.0 and the higher score, the better a conference. However, my archive data show that from 2007 to the current update, even the weights have been changed, for all 345 conferences, only about 25 conferences have their scores changed. Among these 25 conferences that have score changed, at least 17 were associated with a multi-conference. Not surprisingly, for those six conferences with scores changed more than 0.2, at least four were associated with it as well.